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Biogenic Amines
RNA - The Supreme Prison Guard

Are you being held in captivity by your RNA?  Just about every condition of “dis-ease” is
related to the biogenic amines produced by our very own RNA.  When the symptoms are
small like rashes, allergies, headaches, anxiety, depression, stomach aches or irregularity’s
in the bowels, treatment is fairly simple.  But left unaddressed these small symptoms
progressively get worse until you are so sick you wish you were dead.  Fortunately, with
proper treatment many of these diseases can be reversed, including cancer.

Biogenic amines are organic, basic, nitrogenous compounds, mainly formed through the
decarboxylation of amino acids.  They are created by eukaryotic cells (aka bacteria) that
break down the amino acids in food.  When the body becomes unable to handle the
byproducts of these eukaryotic cells they build up causing many physiological problems.  

Many of these biogenic amines are currently considered as part of our natural human
biological mechanisms.  But logically they are no more than shit from the eukaryotic cells.  
That’s right SHIT.  Our RNA is constantly shitting inside of us.  And their shit works in us
like hormones and neurotransmitters and more.  My main question is why does medicine
currently overlook this issue?  They just treat the rash with a cream, or a headache (and
much more) with an aspirin, or an out and out viral attack like mumps or HSV as something
they can do nothing about.  Modern medicine and scientists spend millions of hours and
dollars studying the effects RNA has on our bodies, addressing them, categorizing them,
replicating them, designing them (new ones), and draining our wallets because of them,
but they haven’t really addressed the cause of these conditions (that I can tell).  

RNA is an eukaryotic cell.  It is an eukaryotic cell that eats our DNA.  For every DNA you
make, RNA grabs half of it and turns it into two amino acids (proteins), except each protein
they make has also been encoded with a germ of some sort, most often a virus but, it could
be bacteria or even a mold.  These amino acids, aka biogenic amines, are then used by
mechanisms in the body that require them.  When the body processes the biogenic amines
(amino acids/proteins) it doesn’t have a use for the virus coding so that gets released into
the body.  These free viruses then float around in the body landing in the weakest points.  
When their numbers rise the body will signal their presence by causing inflammation.  A
“band-aid” at this point is wrong because it just allows the viral numbers to rise within the

    “DNA contains the instructions needed for an organism to develop, survive, and
    reproduce.  To carry out these functions DNA sequences must be converted into
    messages that can be used to produce proteins, which are the complex molecules
    that do most of the work in our bodies.  Each DNA sequence that contains
    instructions to make a protein is known as a gene.  How they make a protein is a
    two-step process:  First, enzymes read the info in the DNA molecule and transcribe
    it into an intermediary molecule called a ribonucleic acid or mRNA; next, info in
    mRNA is translated into the “language” of amino acids, which make proteins.”

Some of these processes can become exaggerated producing more biogenic amines than
the body can process, while some of these processes can also become reduced or altered
by several mechanisms, causing things such as genetic disorders.  Sometimes the biogenic
amines themselves create more biogenic amines.  However, the process for each biogenic
amine that is metabolized results in byproducts that are left in our bodies.  Also, during
the metabolism biogenic amines utilize some pure product from our natural DNA processes
and combines it with some if its dirty coded genes to complete its metabolism, again
eating at our natural processes/resources.  

For every biogenic amine metabolized there are byproducts left in our body.  Notable
byproducts include lactic acid, the catecholamines, and H+ atoms.  When the levels of H+
rise then normal cellular processes are halted, and the cell is essentially held in a gas
chamber unable to get oxygen.  This is called metabolic acidosis.  Metabolic acidosis is
often hard to diagnose with current testing because pH of the blood is highly regulated and
does not reflect the pH inside of the cells.  The first signs of metabolic acidosis are the
little things, like rashes, hives, anxiety, mood swings, allergies, joint pain, and returning

Metabolic acidosis is defined as a state of decreased systemic pH resulting from either a
primary increase in hydrogen ion (H+) or a reduction in bicarbonate (HCO3-)
concentrations.  In other words, metabolic acidosis arises from increased production of
acids, a loss of alkali, or a decreased renal excretion of acids causing an elevated anion
gap.  Basically, the kidneys become unable to remove excess acid allowing it to build up
causing pH to increase (be more acidic).  This is when you are pretty sick, you have
probably been to more than one doctor seeking help, and possibly the medical
establishment still might not be able to tell you exactly what is going on.  Fortunately, it is
not hopeless if the biogenic amine overload issue is properly addressed.

Many conditions of disease arise from the processes that utilize biogenic amines.  Most of
these conditions are treated by attempting to suppress gene expression, by capping
receptors, or by suppressing enzymic activities.  These tactics don’t really work, they may
provide some temporary relief but usually they promote failure of other biological systems
creating more imbalance and additional diseases.

Just so you know this research has changed how I see everything that I was taught in
nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.  I see our bodily processes differently, now.  And being
the rebel that I am, why would I allow this parasite to continue in me, unregulated, causing
disease, and possibly actually controlling ALL of my behavior.  I wouldn’t.  I am a master of
self.  So, am I going to let RNA master me?  I don’t think so.  I think I will master you, mister
RNA, to utilize the processes you have installed in me for my good, when I need it, and not
for you to make me miserable, lost, and sick.  Although, we all must concede that this thing
is more powerful than us, on a somewhat god like level, no?  

It seems to me that if we regulate how we feed RNA we can reign in all these medical
conditions to something that is actually quite simply managed.  I am currently trying to
starve mine out by creating an environment that it doesn’t like.

What does RNA feed on?  RNA feeds on amino acids.  It is turning us into amino acids one
DNA strand at a time.  It has set up mechanisms within us to make us; go get more amino
acids, to utilize the amino acids that it creates, and to utilize the amino acids that we
ingest.  From what I can tell from the DNA side of us, our physiological processes are
smooth, clean, the byproducts are minimal, and that we didn’t have a high protein
requirement.  The RNA monster requires protein.  So much so, that we have almost
depleted our planet of all its resources to feed this beast.  RNA doesn’t seem to like

RNA doesn’t like salt water.  RNA likes oxygen.  RNA likes an acidic environment.  How
alkaline can I go?  Since all my training is upside down right now, not sure what would be
correct answer here, but I am working on it.  I am giving myself water that I have alkalized
with things that RNA won’t like, so now, the water I give myself will not be suitable for
RNA to utilize.  It started as pure water that I have added antibiotics, antivirals, and
minerals to. Now RNA cannot get that oxygen and hopefully it will get to the cells allowing
them to breathe and/or assist in reducing all the H+ build up.  This treatment alone has
already caused me to shed a bunch of biogenic amines….which I flushed down the toilet.

RNA is stinky, likes stinky, and makes stinky.  Lymph health is so important here.  All these
byproducts hang out in the lymph system.  If lymph system is slow byproducts are more
likely to congest in joints or anywhere causing disease.  I believe that ALL the interstitial
fluids link with the lymph system.  So, if there is swelling around the heart than the lymph
system is filled with biogenic amine byproducts that have congested creating a pocket
around the heart.  To fix this just kill the biogenic amines.  Get the lymph flowing smoothly
to allow it to remove the biogenic amine toxic byproducts.

These Biogenic Amines are into everything including the blood.  The spleen is often an
overlooked organ of the lymph system.  It helps clean the blood of these biogenic amines.  
Blood purifiers are great for supporting spleen health, which in turn supports liver health.  
Enzymes that metabolize biogenic amines work within the lymph system to assist in
lightening the burden on spleen and other detoxification processes.  Which enzymes are
best or that work more cleanly is still under investigation.  But I have utilized some of the
biogenic amines themselves to their own detriment with previous clients, and to promote
motivation of nutrients within the body.  Many herbs and plants can be utilized to purify
the blood and the lymph.  RNA also doesn’t like phenyls.  I figure if I drink mostly blood
purifying teas to detoxify and support my metabolic pathways, as well as, fill my body with
lovely scents, then biogenic amines will find me less inhabitable.  

RNA doesn’t like fats, especially acidic fats.  Taking 2 – 4 tablespoons of flax or hemp seed
oil per day is utilized to breakdown byproducts left by biogenic amines.  Grapeseed oil is
another high acid fat.  It also appears they may have an aversion to Omega6.  I am currently
investigating this and other high acid fats.

RNA likes sugar but not all sugars.  Honey is high in antimicrobials and is soothing for
interstitial fluids.  This type of sugar source would possibly not be useful to RNA cause
when they try to use it, it can potentially kill them.

RNA doesn’t like sulfur.  It seems sulfur is avoided by biogenic amines, it is a byproduct of
waste for them.  They do not seem to utilize it in any way, so I have increased my intake
of Sulphur foods as a replacement for my animal-based protein foods.

RNA doesn’t like its U (Uracil), it trades it for our tyramine.  But it also produces a lot of
tyramine byproducts of its own that get left in our system that we are unable to process
because it is hogging up our mechanisms to do so.  Reducing intake of tyramine is a huge
step in the right direction to correct and balance this mechanism.  Such a step can also
slow RNA’s processes that are eating us alive, but probably only after all their tyramine
waste is used up.

RNA has opponents in molds and fungi, some more than others, and this may be specific to
which germs your RNA most readily codes for.  This is still under investigation.

Yep, so RNA is a fricking parasite.  RNA looks like a nematode as do amino acids.  Are they
so clever to generate their own food sources by controlling our behavior while also eating
us alive?  If they are a parasite and we are just feeding them until they reach their final
host… what would their final host be and what would our RNA look like all growed up?  who
knows right?  Either way I have come to look upon RNA as a hindrance to my being, and I
am going to treat it like one, rather than pamper the bitch until it kills me.  I am gonna
utilize its mechanisms to my benefit whenever possible, but otherwise I believe I will keep
it on a very tight leash.

So, wow, that is a lot of information.  What to do?  Biogenic Amines are everywhere!!  I
could kill them all just to catch or eat another one today.  This is where maintenance will
be important.  If additional biogenic amines such as those from animal products and
processed foods are not added regularly to the diet than maintenance will be simple.  Daily
intake of alkali water that also contains a few antiviral and antibacterial ingredients added
is a great place to start.  I am working on creating a daily maintenance drink that is both
tolerable and enjoyable.

To avoid biogenic amines on your fresh fruits and vegetable you can soak them in cold
grapefruit seed extract treated water for five to seven minutes before eating them or
before adding them to your recipes.  Biogenic amines are not destroyed by boiling but they
can be greatly reduced by freezing.  If you must ingest some animal protein, freeze the
meat for at least two weeks before eating it, and cook it immediately upon removal from
freezer.  This method works for fruits and vegetables also.

When systems are already overly burdened presenting in inflammation, of any sort, then
somewhat more extreme dietary changes may be required but, nothing so extreme you
would need to go to a hospital to receive said treatment for. At least, at this point.  

Trying to sum up, I recently realized that RNA is a parasite that has immense control over
all my bodily processes.  I also decided that I would rather master the RNA monster than be
a slave to it.  I decided to make my body less appealing for biogenic amine activity.  First,
by reducing my ingestion of biogenic amines, this includes all animal based forms of
proteins and all processed foods and drinks, with a plan to starve them into submission.  
This is gonna be truly hard for me because I previously believed that I needed proteins to
be happy and stable.  I may still utilize eggs and/or possibly fish but probably rarely.

I am utilizing blood cleaning, anti-inflammatory, highly aromatic herbs and spices in
homebrewed teas and then sweetening them with honey (even sometimes over
sweetening them).  Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are high in phenols so increasing
intake of these will also contribute to an uninhabitable environment for biogenic amine
activity.  It might be best to soften all of these fruits (jams) and vegetables (soups and
stews) prior to ingestion so that nutrients more easily pass to the cells and ease the
burden posed on other mechanisms.  I also am investigating biogenic amine affliction to
night shade foods, I think they might not like them.   

The spleen likes warm to room temperature drinks so steer clear of iced cold drinks.  Also,
be wary of consuming things that are too hot due to receptors in your mouth that may
inhibit signals from your mouth that naturally release antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal
substances within the body.  Chewing the food you are eating for longer is also helpful for
the receptors in your mouth to recognize what you have eaten and allows them to send
signals to your body alerting them to what nutrients are coming down the pike.  Utilizing
pieces of the skins of citrus held in the mouth stimulates healing and makes the mouth,
ears, and brain a less comfortable environment for biogenic amines to hang out in.

Biogenic amines do not like the cold, but I ponder that if global temperatures get too high
these biogenic amines could possibly morph into something that could kill us instantly.  
Biogenic amine build up causes smells, like Body Odor and foot funk.  At one point during
this process (they were leaving) my feet got super stinky, so I raised them while
stimulating the lymph system and then put them in cold water to stimulate movement.  
RNA doesn’t like phytic acid which is found in legumes.  Legumes can be a good source of
vegetable-based protein.  The growler gets upset when you eat phytic acid (watch for my
upcoming post regarding “the growler”).  Starve the growler with phytic acid based protein

All of our biological processes need magnesium to happen and the RNA monster requires
twice as much magnesium for its processes.  So, making sure to get at least 400 mg daily is
imperative (up to 800 for the sickly).  RNA has other weak points that I am currently

That is where I am at.  If the RNA leaves me, what will I become?  There is a lot that I have
learned on this journey watch for more posts to gain insight.  If you have any questions or
suggestions let me know, because this is new territory and I could use any helpful input.  
Anybody interested in taming their RNA monster along with me are welcome to contact me.

by Renee' Calder 06/11/2018
***this page still under construction check back often***