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Disclaimer:  Nutrition Therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, a treatment, a prescription, or a cure for any disease either mental or physical,
and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Nutrition therapy does provide nutritional evaluation, balanced diet planning,
nutritional supplement suggestions and lifestyle recommendations for the purpose of enhancing health.
Personal EMF Protection
Shield yourself from harmful EMFs
Block Harmful effects of EMFs
ELFs, RF, and Microwave Radiation
What are EMFs?
Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) are invisible
areas of energy, often referred to as radiation,
that are associated with the use of electrical
power and various forms of natural and
man-made lighting. EMFs are typically
characterized by wavelength or frequency into
one of two radioactive categories; non-ionizing,
low-level radiation and Ionizing, high-level
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EMF sensitivity varies in each individual with
some people being highly sensitive to EMFs
making them feel very sickly.
EMF sensitivity symptoms include:
-Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress
and sleep disturbances
-Skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning
sensations and rashes
-Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your
-Eye symptoms, such as burning sensations
-Foggy thinking and depression
-A variety of less common symptoms, like ear,
nose, and throat symptoms and digestive
-Leukemia in children, breast cancer or cancer
clusters have been linked to high exposure to
Is there any protection available?
Yes. There are several methods of protection
available in the form of stylish bracelets and
fashionable clothing, bed canopies,
computer shields, window shields, special fabrics,
paints and much more can be found at where a huge variety of options
exist, including
protective liners for the pockets
that you carry your cell phone in.

Salt lamps & stones are useful for removing EMF's.

Shieldite stones are available in stylish pendants,
decorations for your home or office, and as
pebbles to carry in your pockets or to place them
where ever they are needed.
Dr. Axe article:
Are EMFs Really a Risk?
Many people suffer from health conditions which can be treated
naturally, or can be improved through natural choices. Several
conditions which are plaguing Americans are directly related to the
foods we eat and how they are prepared. On this page you will find
natural solutions to common conditions.
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