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September 8, 2018, 5778
Dang it i got shit to do........09/12/2018

Upon awaking this morning I felt compelled to read Romans 1:20.
Romans 1:20-25 relates to the post above.... more clarification is at

We currently live the 10 plagues. They are the stages of disease.
We live our judgement daily with our choices, especially the foods we
choose to eat.  
Our judgement is not saved for some future date. We live our
judgements through the illnesses we experience and through our
shortened lives, and we pass these judgements to our children.

"because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped
and served the creature rather than the Creator" Romans 1:25

Choices today effect your children via their genetics.  If you abuse
your genetic code your transgressions will effect their genetic code
from conception, dooming them to live a life of your iniquities.

Throughout our generations these iniquities are passed via genetic
code.  If each generation fails in caring for their genetic code we well
see it come to pass that our first borns will be born dead.

Is this not what we are experiencing today?