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Therapeutic Nutrition, LLC
Disclaimer:  Nutrition Therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, a treatment, a prescription, or a cure for any disease either mental or physical,
and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Nutrition therapy does provide nutritional evaluation, balanced diet planning,
nutritional supplement suggestions and lifestyle recommendations for the purpose of enhancing health.
Grand Junction, Colorado

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Renee’ Calder, CNT, MNT
(970) 201-5723

Applying the Science of Nutrition to the
Art of Healing on the Western Slope of Colorado
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Ultimately each of us is responsible for their own health and deserves to be
correctly informed of how to manage it as naturally as possible.
Renee' Calder is a Master Nutrition Therapist who
after her own life changing experience with an
endocrine-related auto-immune condition, and
food, realized that many others could significantly
improve their health with simple dietary changes,
no matter the condition.
She is passionate about informing everyone how the
food choices made daily directly relate to an
individual's health and well-being, as well as the
sustainability of our food supply on this planet. And
in helping people feel their best without the use of
harsh chemicals.
As a graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute in
Denver, Colorado, she is equipped with an
understanding of the most current principles and
protocols in nutrition science, including the practical
application of nutrition in clinical settings.
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